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  • Illegal gold mining can bleed economy

    Dare devil miners work for syndicates that feed the international intermediaries while they occupy the bottom of the food chain.
     In the desolate Patayamatebele forest, along the banks of the Tati River lies a treasure...

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  • Russia promotes cooperation with Africa

    A Russia and Africa conference has called for an increase in the number of government...

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  • Aftermath: Khawa Dune Challenge

    In the wee hours, the soft winter breeze whistles about as we drive through the...

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  • Sir Seretse Khama non-racial stance

    Sir Seretse Khama addressing Batswana during President Day in 1975.
    “We are determined to create in Botswana a society in which nobody will be discriminated...

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  • Treasure in Kanye historical sites

    Bathoen II statue
    Enlisting of historical sites and buildings is a continuous process. New monuments are added to...

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  • Resilience, fragility, tragedy define F/town

    The abandoned Monarch mine identifiable by its big yellow dump was formerly the biggest mining operation in the Tati Concession. It now lies idle posing a risk to members of the community. 
Photo: Gaseitsiwe Moruakgomo
    To describe Francistown using the terms resilient, fragile and tragic sounds like an oxymoron. That notwithstanding,...

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  • May 21, 2018: A day to be alive!

    May 21, 2018 remains ineffaceable in the minds of employees of Debswana in the processing...

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  • Young Motswana braves war-torn Afghanistan

    War-torn! Floods! Famine! This is the heart-wrenching story of Afghanistan.  A melancholy from a country which...

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  • Keeme Mosinyi: Fine artist of repute

    Mr Mosinyi
     After 30 years of serving government as a graphic designer, Mr Keeme Mosinyi is still...

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  • Pheko follows heart, defies odds

    Ms Pheko
    Twenty-four-year-old Ms Lesego Pheko is an example of what one could achieve if they follow...

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