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  • Dr Venson-Moitoi not on directorate radar

    The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) has expressed concern about a recent  statement...

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  • GCC cautions public about fraudsters

    Gaborone City Council (GCC) informs the public that there are fraudsters masquerading as its employees.  A...

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  • Reports of credit to Zimbabwe unfounded - OP

    The Office of the President has labelled unfounded reports that Botswana has extended a US$600...

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  • Govt refutes newspaper article

    The Directorate of Intelligence and  Security (DIS), has refuted a story that appeared in the...

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  • OP establishes President Housing Appeal Fund

    The Office of the The President wishes to inform members of the public that the...

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  • Govt responds to Weekendpost article

    The Government of Botswana wishes to express its concern regarding a news article, which appeared...

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  • PSP refutes article

     I have noted the article which appears in the latest edition of the WeekendPost newspaper...

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  • President Masisi interview with BBC

    President Masisi (right) being interviewed by BBC Focus on Africa anchor, Mr Peter Okwoche at the Botswana High Commission in London on Wednesday. President Masisi said he did not know any spike of poaching in Botswana as the story was recently reported by the international media and that the government knew of only 19 carcasses found as compared to the 87 reported by Elephants Without Boarders. Photo: Phenyo Moalosi
    It is the western media, in particular British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), that broke the news...

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  • Local designer takes part in Africa Fashion Week

    Thabiso Dibeela showcasing some of her fashion designs. Photo: Felicity Male
    Local fashion designer, Thabiso Dibeela of the House of ThabieD, is jetting off to Lagos,...

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  • Caution on fake Facebook account

    Office of the President wishes to caution members of the public of the fake Facebook...

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