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De Figueiredo: An artist par excellence

Every detailed stroke of a paint brush, a blend of color and a self-possessed masterpiece, depicts immense inventive skills displayed in her artworks. An artist of more than 25 years, she focuses of realism expressed through mood and feeling.

And to Rebecca De Figueiredo art is an everyday job; a passion. Her love for abstract art, paintings and watercolor covers an observation of her environment and evokes fond memories of Botswana’s wonderful landscapes.

“My passion for art all started when I was schooling. I would often get compliments and encouragements to pursue art and my artistic journey unfolded” she says.

Realism art is not for the slothful. This is because it is both hands, time consuming and demands your full focus. And from our knowledge of lazy people they would give up before they even start!

Rebecca De Figueiredo came to Botswana in 1987. Soon thereafter she got married and started a family. Now she had to put her art on hold, what with all family obligations. She did not shelve her passion altogether though, and continued to work on weekends.

And what therapy she found in her weekly mental sojourns to the canvas! Each stroke of the brush, each smear of the oil and the chalk pastels provided her with much needed emotional balm during her most difficult times in life.

That magic has remained with every attempt she makes at painting. “The more you do it, the more you get used to it, each art work is unique and has an element of freshness and spontaneity”, she says. Botswana’s art industry is still growing and Mrs De Figueiredo makes only a little money whenever she decides to sell her masterpieces. It is ambition and passion that drives her to do more magnificent pieces.

That passion has seen her win numerous awards for various paintings including her ever popular pierce shade. However, the highlight of her career was working along Botswana’s prominent visual artist Mr Wilson Ngoni with whom she exhibited at Thapong earlier this month.

The display was more to do with her dream and passion than a desire to sell. And what a moment it was for her to do that with her avorite all time artist! Ngoni, she says brings an element of life and freshness and story worth reading or watching in every painting.

Mrs Rebecca De Figueiredo is greatly amazed at the immense skill most artists in Botswana have. It is a promising future artists have, she says. She urges upcoming artists to carry on painting, and to draw simple things to perfect their skills, develop and sketch everyday objects to get precise angels.

It was with practice that she perfected her skill. And today, with that much practice she can as easily turn her blue stroke of the brush into a sad or happy depiction – a mewing cat, a giggling baby, or a teardrop as she can make a cup of soup. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Amolemo Nkwe

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : Mar 19 Wed,2014


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