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BW Jobs for Graduates: Matobo’s worthwhile legacy

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The late Abednico Matobo left a formidable legacy for Batswana youth. He gave hope to most, who were increasingly roaming the Botswana streets jobless.

With the ever increasing competition and saturated job market in Botswana, Mr Matobo created a Facebook page called BW Jobs for graduates. The page helped people, by giving them a platform to share employment opportunities that were available around the country.

“The team, from time to time makes researches about latest CV writing techniques, application letter writing techniques, how to prepare for interviews, and other job hunting tips” said current chairperson, Mr Otsile Toto.

This initiative which celebrated its second anniversary on February 12 created a positive buzz on the social network. To date the group has over 62 953 members and counting. The non-profit making organisation is at the helm of educating young Batswana about the job world, with various tactics not only through Facebook but also by engaging the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) and Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) to educate them about potential business ideas and how to venture into business.

With the group having noticed that not every Motswana had access to Internet, it started a Short message Service (SMS) initiative in collaboration with Call talk. The feature enabled members to send their personal details and achievements to a particular number, and all posts relating to their profession will be sent back free of charge.

He added that, “this system offers a variety of services to the youth; most importantly the system allows graduates to receive available vacancies and interview reminder notifications on their mobiles. This feature assures that a graduate gets vacancies regardless of geographical area,” stated one of the board members, Mr Reuben Segotso.

“The SMS System allows our operators to easily access communications with any graduate and make notes related to voice calls, create groups related to different Graduate skills and last but not least, assign tasks to Graduates,” he said.

The organisation wanted to be the first port of call in helping youth find employment and to achieve this, it would embark on Youth Employment Seminars.

In addition, Botswana Jobs for Graduates will time and again hold workshops and career affairs across the country. These will help graduates to find potential employers. The Seminars will not only be for Graduates, but also senior school students.

The organization is affiliated to and has received accolades from the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC).  It also participated at the International Labour Organisation video contest.  “Youth Labour Migration: “Reaping the benefits, minimising the risks”.

The organisation’s achievements earned it an invite to the ILO organised round table which was held in New York on September 26 2013 ahead of the 2nd UN High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, held from the 3rd through 4th October 2013 in New York City. The roundtable consisted of experts and leaders in the areas of labour migration and development.

The organization celebrates its second anniversary Saturday (February 15) and will use the platform to interact with youth and exchange ideas with mentors about jobs and businesses. To date, 3 000 people have found jobs through this group. And such is the legacy that Matobo left for Batswana.  ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Amolemo Nkwe

Location : GABORONE

Event : Business feature

Date : Feb 12 Wed,2014


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