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Council clashes with vendors over relocation

The Hukuntsi Sub-district Council has taken a decision to relocate all street vendors and hawkers who are operating their businesses near the Rural Administration Centre (RAC).

Mr Joseph Kgabanyane, an official from the council said the hawkers and street vendors would be relocated to a place opposite the newly built post office.

He said hawkers and street vendors posed problems for the council as their business activities resulted in littering and uncleanliness. He added that the council had long advised the hawkers and street vendors to remove the structures that they erected in their areas of operation as they have no right to the land.

“Hawkers should not erect structures unless they have been given permission by the council. It is also worrisome that these hawkers don’t bother to clean up, which results in a lot of littering,” he said.

Mr Kgabanyane said the council had long warned vendors to desist from such behaviour as it was perilous to the public. Mr Kgabanyane also dismissed allegations that they were terrorising the vendors, saying they had consulted extensively with all concerned stakeholders.

“Our last meeting was on August 16 and we all agreed that they should move opposite the newly created post office,” he said. One of the vendors, Ms Tina Matsipanyane said the relocation would result in loss of business as they were being forced to move more than a kilometre away from their customers.

“There is no public transport to the area where we are being moved. This will result in loss of business for us,” she said. She said the council is now threatening to raze down their stalls and move them by force if they don’t comply.

Another vendor, Ms Dineo Lekolori dismissed the council’s claim that the vendors were operating too close to the road. She said they had long challenged the council to measure the distance between the stall and the road, but to no avail. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Eric Raphuti

Location : HUKUNTSI

Event : Interview

Date : Nov 26 Tue,2013


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