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Storm water drainage lasting solution

Construction of storm water drainage can be a permanent solution to issues of flooding at Disana ward, says MP for Maun East, Mr Goretetse Kekgonegile.

He said this after a visit to the ward in the wake of the recent floods which left a trail of damage in the area.

MP Kekgonegile said the area was prone to flooding because it lay in a valley.

The situation, he said, had been  exacerbated by the ongoing construction of a centre for children with severe and multiple disabilities in the locality.

The centre was being built right in the actual path of the water flow, causing the water to bounce back to the nearby homesteads, he said.

He appreciated efforts by the construction company to pump and release the water.

 Saying the problem did not only affect Disana ward but extended to other residential areas situated in flat plains, Mr Kekgonegile stated that the situation needed a long term solution.

Asked if the Maun Water Supply and Sanitation Phase II project would not address the situation, he said its scope did not include a storm water drainage system.

Mr Kekgonegile called for the project scope to be revisited to consider including the storm water drainage system.

Disana councillor, Mr Rizerua Kazenambo described the situation as a disaster, saying some residents had to destroy parts of their premises to gain access into their yards.

He lamented that authorities had failed to take action for more than 10 years and expressed frustration that the affected road was not even in the council plan for grading.

Mr Kazenambo accused the District Disaster Committee of failing to act despite being informed about the situation.

He said only the North West District Council chairman, Mr Kebareeditse Ntsogotlho and area MP, Mr Kekgonegile visited the area in response to reports of flood damage.

One of the affected residents, Ms Mika Shakashe, said the floods had destroyed some of her  property such as furniture.

In addition, she said they were forced to break part of the security wall in order to gain access to the homesteads while  vehicles had to   be left outside.

Ms Shakashe claimed that some residents had resolved to relocate because the situation was unbearable.


She called on the district leadership to urgently attend to the situation. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Interview

Date : Feb 22 Mon,2021


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