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Amos motivates Ramotswa club

Renowned 800m runner, Nijel Amos, recently visited the newly formed, Ramotswa Athletics Club.

Amos encouraged the athletes to focus on their journey and not results, which he said would help to take away the pressure that might be piled on them.

He encouraged them to maintain an impeccable level of discipline, adding that ‘to make it at the highest level, one needs to be much more focused because it is hard to make it there and to sustain being at the top’.

Amos commended the team management for the excellent work and achievements reached within a short time.

“I have been observing this team since you started competing in the national competitions late last year and what you are doing is very impressive. Keep on pushing and enjoying the journey, results will come,” the Olympic medalist said.

Amos acknowledged that the training grounds were in a deplorable state, but it was the attitude of each athlete that would take them far.

“I started in a worse training ground than yours in my home village of Marobela, but I was able to make it onto the podium at the most prestigious sport event,” he said.

The club chairperson, Boniface Mabeo, thanked Amos for visiting the club saying that he hoped the visit would motivate the athletes to aim high and to take athletics more seriously.

Mabeo said Team Razi, as the one-year-old club is affectionately called, was aiming for greater things and further encouraged the athletes to learn from the likes of Amos.

He said athletics prowess had potential to make money for a young athlete and could help in reducing unemployment.

For his part, the team coach, Michael Matlhaku, said the athletes were promising, adding that they had age on their side.

Coach Matlhaku said they were hoping to have at least two athletes qualifying for some junior international competitions.ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : RAMOTSWA

Event : athletics

Date : Feb 22 Mon,2021


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