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DIS not involved in tendering decisions

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) has noted a misleading story in the Mmegi newspaper edition of 11th November 2020 titled DIS thwarts Masisi as SPEDU P1.2 project stalls.

The story falsely claims that the Directorate has instructed the Ministry of Lands not to release funds for the SPEDU Industrial and Urban Agriculture Land Service project. The Directorate’s instruction, it is further falsely claimed, was improperly issued in the interest of an unnamed Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) person and another supposedly high ranking individual within the Directorate. The allegations are untrue and intended to mislead.

It should however be noted that the Directorate does not make decisions on tenders. The mandate of the Directorate is instead established in the Intelligence and Security Service Act (2008). A close reading of the Act shows that the role of the Directorate is limited to among other things, routinely advising (not instructing) Ministries and government Departments on security issues as and when they are identified.

This is a normal and distinct national security role that was envisioned to protect the country’s national interests and is in line with the Directorate’s established mandate. The Directorate will therefore continue playing that role.

The Directorate would like to assure the public that it always conducts itself within the purview of its established mandate and will always act with the necessary professionalism and requisite seriousness where the country’s national interests and security are concerned. DIS

Source : DIS

Author : press release

Location : GABORONE

Event : press release

Date : Nov 13 Fri,2020


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