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Security Systems dignifies learner, family in Pitseng

The Moshupa/Manyana MP, Mr Karabo Gare has commended Security Systems and a teacher Ms Gaamangwe Nko for finding a meaningful way to assist a needy learner with decent shelter.

When handing over the donation that comprised a three-roomed house, ablution facility and a sheltered fire place to Ms Gofiwang Rabuka of Pitseng on behalf of her underage son, Mr Gare said he was moved by the fact that although the coronavirus pandemic had thrown many businesses and livelihoods into a tailspin, the company still found a way to assist the needy learner and his family.

Mr Gare also Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security explained that decent accommodation was a basic priority in the hierarchy of human needs. He said the gesture dignified the family and seeded love especially in the growing mind of the learner. He equally applauded the teacher, Ms Nko who discovered the needy learner and linked him up with the company for assistance.

He described Ms Nko as a patriot and teacher par excellence.

He said such public officers as Ms Nko glorified the public service and urged their higher-ups to take notice, reward and reinforce the spirit.

The minister further explained that the duo would someday inspire the young boy to love and give to others with love in an attempt to reciprocate the kind gesture. 

In the wake of social ills besieging the nation like gender based violence, Mr Gare said it was crucial for Batswana to start planting seeds of love. He explained that socialising young people to love from a tender age could avert future incidents of violence especially the gender based.

He said loving or giving with love to someone in so pathetic a state that they found it difficult to even love themselves, could teach them to love whereas looking the other way when someone was in need of help could harden their heart and teach them not to care about others.

The minister observed that the gap between the rich and the poor was very wide and urged capable Batswana and the private sector to help government close it.

Mr Gare further gave the teacher P1 000 as a way of reinforcement and another P1 000 for the family to buy grocery.

The Managing Director, Mr Gabriel Nkgetsi said their relationship with the family started when Ms Nko approached them asking the company to assist the boy with school uniform.

After the discussion they realised he needed more than just school uniform and took the decision to adopt him for educational financing up to tertiary level and built him the house worth P250 000 to give him a decent accommodation.

The director explained that their view was to share prosperity with Batswana, biggest customer, as an expression of gratitude for the support they rendered.

With the support, he said the business had grown exponentially over time from 14 employees in 1984 to 5 500-6 000 placed across 21 branches in the country today. 

The company additionally gave the boy’s mother P5 000 to be used on his day-to-day needs and a further P1 000 worth of voucher to the teacher.

Moshupa sub-district Chief education officer, Mr Monty Rakgabo also applauded Ms Nko for working beyond her normal call of duty.

Likewise, he said her commitment glorified the public service, government and revealed he had recommended her for promotion. 

Mr Rakgabo also unveiled that the company had in the recent past donated a photocopier to the local school. 

Area councilor Mr Banewang Marumoatsile encouraged the boy to remain focused and disciplined. He warned that any distractions could rob him of a bright future ahead.

As to how it all started, Ms Nko shared that one ill-starred day they were about to go for a school trip and ‘this bright, well-behaved and well-performing young boy came crying to me that he had nothing to pack for the trip,’ she said. 

Touched by his story she said she promised him that he would share whatever she had with her own child and the boy was sorted for the trip.

After the trip she said she approached the company in Tlokweng to assist the boy merely with school uniform but as fate would have it, they also built him a decent house. She said she was living her dream as a teacher. 

By the nature of their jobs, she said, teachers were parent substitutes. His mother furthermore thanked the company and Ms Nko for turning their lives around. She said her son would derive the essential social confidence to chase his dreams to become just about anything in the world from the gesture. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Topo Monngakgotla

Location : Pitseng

Event : Hand over ceremony

Date : Oct 26 Mon,2020


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