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Small stock initiative eye opener

Assistant Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Ms Beauty Manake says the President, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi’s small stock initiative is an eye opener. 

Speaking during a donation of a Kalahari Red Buck to Ms Lentswenyana Rakgono at Gakgolomu lands near Lotlhakane West over the weekend, she commended the President for the noble gesture noting such gave the ministry an insight of Batswana’s  livelihood, noting that agriculture was the mainstay of rural communities.

Ms Manake said the initiative accorded the President, an opportunity to have first-hand information on what needed to be done to soar the agricultural sector. She said marketing of small stock in Botswana was a sub-sector that had a potential to help diversify the economy and alleviate poverty in rural communities.

She donated a burdizzo (castration device), de-worming medicine, needle vaccinator injections, syringes and teremyson to facilitate and support beneficiary’s farming enterprise to yield more results.

Ms Manake said the ministry would  continue supporting the beneficiary and the beneficiaty would undergo small stock training at Lubu farm to optimise out-put and for the beneficiary to optimally profit from small stock.

Kgosi Boitshwarelo Difemo of Lotlhakane West showered the Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) Programme for the provision of necessary amenities in rural areas and agricultural aids to allow small stock production to soar, adding in his area there were many goats and sheep thus illustrating that the programme was effectively executed. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Keith Keti

Location : Gakgolomu Lands

Event : Donation

Date : Oct 26 Mon,2020


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