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Lethokwe winning streak continues

Team Swift Cycling club member, Gontse Lethokwe stamped his authority as the country’s finest eccentric mountain biker (MTB), by clinching the Cyle4Life MTB 50km challenge title in Oodi on Saturday.

The 26-year-old’s weekend victory was not by fluke as he has a colourful record, having won several local MTBs and road race challenges, and also represented the country in a couple of international races.

Despite his sterling performance, he is still hopeful for an Olympic opportunity, something that is not far-fetched given his level of professionalism a feat that he wished to witness in cycling.

Despite finishing the Cycle4Life club race in 1:34:19, Lethokwe pointed out that it was not his best.

“I got lost a few times on the trails resulting in this,” stated Lethokwe adding that he enjoyed the flat tracks of the race.

He was seconded by Lebopo Mompe with 1:35:13, whilst Kyle Poppleton finished on 1:35:19 in third place.

Comine Bruwer did 1:49:00 for the ladies in 50km followed by Bakang Ebudilwe with 1:54:37, while 13-year-old Myra Mantle finished the 20km race in 58 minutes.

Lethokwe attributed professionalism in the sport as a catalyst to achieve his goals.

With his high performance, he yearns for cyclists to be afforded an opportunity to be professional.

He also observed that cyclists who aspire to be professional could reach their preferred goals, if they observed other factors that spurs performance such as good nutrition among others.

“We might have good performing bicycles but we also need nutritional advice to help us enhance our performance further,” he stated.

Team Swift coach, David Lebalelo also reiterated that a cyclist of Lethokwe’s caliber needed nurturing and right investment.

“Lethokwe is one of the most talented MTB riders in Botswana and I think the sporting community is negligent of his great performance,” said Lebalelo.

Given his amazing performance, Lebalelo stated that Lethokwe was a perfect candidate to represent Botswana at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics if given the chance.

Meanwhile, Lethokwe has been to several trainings in South Africa and Namibia and also represented the country in Africa Championships where he displayed a good performance.

Othata Pelotona, Secretary General of Cycle4Life Club noted that the race had a good turnout particularly with the 50km ride.

Despite some riders missing the route markings and getting lost, Pelotona said the club race went accordingly with positive constructive feedback from the riders.

He said they would have an opportunity to improve better on their next coming race in 2021. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More

Location : Gaborone

Event : Cyle4Life MTB 50km challenge

Date : Oct 25 Sun,2020


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