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Gweta residents seeks audience with President

Residents of Gweta have requested audience with the President, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, over service delivery issues.  

They made the request during a consultative meeting with the Central District commissioner, Mr Rapitse Mathumo in Gweta on Wednesday October 14.

The residents, through their spokesperson, Mr George Maphane, said they were concerned about promises of provision of services that never come to fruition.

They said they were also never upraised of the reasons for delay or none commissioning of such, citing, among others, the A3 Road, which passes through their village and being their main access to services in Nata and Tutume.

Mr Maphane said the road was damaged by Cyclone Dineo back in 2017 and they were promised that it would be maintained, but that had not come to pass; three years down the line. 

He said the road was in a terrible state, with the potholes now worse and in some places. 

Moreover, the tar has been wiped out completely, he said.

He said this was a great stumbling block for them as they were serviced mainly in Nata and Tutume, adding that since they were declared a disaster prone, they expected that by now, something would have been done, such as maintaining the very bad portions of the road.

Expressing similar sentiments, Kgosi Steve Maditsa said for many years, the service centre in Nata had not been fully operational though it was meant to bring services closer to them, although it is 100 kilometres away. 

He said as it had most of the critical offices, the service centre could have at least alleviated the pain and expenses of travelling to Tutume for services.

Kgosi Maditsa lamented being under the Boteti COVID-19 zone, because they needed permits to access the areas services in Nata and Tutume. 

He therefore suggested that they be placed under the same zone with the areas from which they got services.  

Meanwhile, he requested for water basins at the kgotla, which acted as a service centre for the village, revealing that the number of people who visited the kgotla offices were sometimes overwhelming.  

Responding to the concerns, Mr Mathumo advised the residents to write down their requests and send them to his office for assessment. 

He said some of the concerns could be addressed within the district, without directing them to the President.  

He said the road maintenance, which was planned as per the President’s 2018 State of the Nation Address, was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He concurred that the service centre in Nata had not been fully staffed, but said with the recent employment of a permanent centre manager, he was confident of change in service delivery as officers from different departments would be posted there. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Goitsemodimo Williams-Madzonga

Location : GWETA

Event : Consultative Meeting

Date : Oct 15 Thu,2020


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