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I wont challenge BFA - Ramothwa

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Former first vice president of the Botswana Football Association (BFA), Segolame Ramothwa says he will not pursue his removal from the National Executive Committee (NEC) as the general assembly did not rectify it.

Ramothwa was relieved of his duties by BFA NEC on October 9, 2019 on allegations that he was bringing the association into disrepute.

“I am not pursuing the issue because it has not been rectified,” he said in an interview, following the BFA’s weekend annual general assembly, which saw many members of his previous committee retaining their positions.

Ramothwa said as it was not rectified, it meant he had been removed, adding that the whole aim was to keep him out until the general assembly, which re-elected Maclean Letshwiti as BFA president.

He explained that he was removed because he queried the extension of members of various structures’ terms by a period of two years, which was against the BFA statutes.

Ramothwa stated that before the weekend assembly, he was informed that he would be linked to the BFA livestream, but to his surprise, he never got connected.

He said he had wanted to give his side of the story, because he had been denied the opportunity by the committee in the past several NEC meetings.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong and my removal was malicious and damaging,” he added.

However, he said even before the weekend general assembly, he had already taken a decision not to stand for any BFA positions this time around, adding that Botswana football was in disarray.

Meanwhile, BFA chief executive officer, Mfolo Mfolo said the general assembly could not act on the issue because it felt that it ‘had been overtaken by events’ though it was included in the agenda for the general assembly.  

Quizzed on whether the decision by the general assembly not to discuss the matter was likely to offend Ramothwa, Mfolo stated that the complainant had the right to use BFA structures to defend his case.

Recently, Ramothwa wrote a letter to the general assembly, complaining that his removal from office by the BFA NEC was unjustified and unconstitutional.

He argued that using article 2.9 to remove him was unconstitutional as he was not accountable to the NEC, but to the general assembly, which elected him.

Article 2.9 states that ‘No official shall do or say anything or act in a manner that could in whatever way be seen to be bringing or having influenced to bring the good name of any member, official, structure or part of the association into disrepute’.

“I hope to demonstrate through this submission, that my removal was unjustified, pre-planned and had been a long time coming.

This is because, for several times, I have differed with the NEC, particularly with the president, who at times, disregarded procedures laid down by BFA statutes,” read part of the letter. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thamani Shabani


Event : Interview

Date : Oct 13 Tue,2020


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