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Rammapudi appears for attempted murder, robbery

Broadhurst Magistrate Court has remanded in custody Tumisang Rammapudi, who is charged with attempted murder and robbery case.

Particulars of the offence states that Rammapudi and other four suspects who are still on the run, acted together in concert to attempt to cause the death of Boniface Musa on October 3 at Oriental Plaza

in Block 3 Industrial in Gaborone.

The charge sheet further states sthat Rammapudi and four others also attacked and tried to rob Huang Daming of Mei Ming Spice workshop.

Principal Magistrate Gaseitsewe Tonoki said the accused could not be granted bail on grounds that the two offences were fresh and sensitive.

He said if the accused person was to be given bail he was likely to interfere with investigations especially that the other four suspects that he was with are still on the run.

Giving submission, Sub-Inspector Mothosiotsile Mekgwe told the court that investigations were still fresh and ongoing; moreover he said the other four suspects that worked jointly with the accused person were still on the run.

He said they needed time to further investigate the matter and trace those still on the run without any interference of the accused.

Therefore Sub-Inspection Mekgwe urged the court to further remand Rammapudi in custody.

Meanwhile Rammapudi pleaded to be granted bail on condition that it was his first offence and he was not the one driving they used car in an attempt to commit the offences.

He further said should he be given bail, he will also work with the police to trace and locate the four other suspects.

The accused will remain in police custody and is due to appear before court on the October 20.ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Chendzimu Manyepedza

Location : GABORONE

Event : court

Date : Oct 07 Wed,2020


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