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Thapong workshop equips artists will skills, knowledge

Thapong Visual Arts Centre in collaboration with the BTC Foundation hosted artists in a two- day skills development workshop.

The workshop was aimed at addressing the lacking necessary skills among artists.  

Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of the workshop, coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Reginald Bakwena said the main aim of the workshop was to facilitate and equip visual artists from different areas with skills, craftsmanship, arts criticism, innovation, artwork pricing and getting ready for competitions.”

Bakwena added that the workshop came as a result of recommendations and feedback made by various judges on the annual BTC phonebook cover competition and the Thapong artist of the year competition.

He said the workshop would help artists develop knowledge and skills while weaving in opportunities for creativity and independence.

He further described the workshop as a platform for artists to share their concerns, learn from others’ experiences and to generate shared solutions.

“We had 40 artists, both self-taught and academics, who had registered to participate and varying topics were covered touching on artistic development trends and participation in arts events,  locally and internationally.

“The artists will also be empowered on how to tap into the vast opportunities and markets and dealing with challenges likely to hinder one from penetrating a certain market.

It also covered the role of education in artistic development,” said Bakwena.

Bakwena also said the recent decision to introduce an arts council was a welcome development as it would assist artists in their endeavours.

In addition, he said the workshop brought new ideas into the arts.

He said the workshop would also benefit the development and growth of the centre.

“We will also evaluate on how to move forward as a centre and artists,” he said. ENDs

Source : BOPA

Author : Collin Ntesang

Location : Gaborone

Event : Workshop

Date : Sep 24 Thu,2020


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