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Pandemic boosts cleaning chemicals company sales

A Serinane based company, 39 cleaning Chemicals, is enjoying its share of profits due to COVID-19 pandemic which is giving it the much-needed boost.

For the company that has been surviving on house to house sales, the pandemic has provided an opportunity for its operators to cash in as government departments and other organisations in the Kweneng district continue to buy in bulk from them.

Speaking in an interview, one of the co-owners Ms Keolebe Ramosetlha said 39 cleaning Chemicals has since come alive after struggling to make profitable sales in the past two years.

The company that was set up through the poverty eradication programme, specialises in the production of detergents and disinfectants which include dish wash, multipurpose liquid soap, liquid laundry soap and foam bath.

She said given the high number of orders they received ever since the pandemic, they had to hire more temporary workers to be able to deliver on time.

 Looking back to where they started and also the locality of their business being a remote area, Ms Ramosetlha said their journey had not been easy.

She explained that since establishment in 2018, the company made low sales which could only cover administration work.

Ms Ramosetlha said they had not been successful in attracting more people to buy their brand despite selling at below-market prices.

She, however, noted that the intention was to penetrate the market to be able to compete with other established brands in the country.

She said if it was not for the delays of being issued a licence to operate, by now they would be owning a stall in Molepolole which would enable them to reach a wider market.

She said as a small business they were still grappling with prices of chemicals which were high.

Nevertheless, Ms Ramosetlha thanked the government for the support including helping them to import chemicals from South Africa.

She said together with her business partner Ms Basiya Gaborekwe, they remained hopeful that one day they would become one of the best suppliers of detergents and disinfectants. ENDS



Source : BOPA

Author : Booster Mogapi

Location : SERINANE


Date : Sep 15 Tue,2020


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