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Acknowledge burdensome nature of frontline work

 Society has been  urged to support and acknowledge the difficult work done by professionals such as nurses, doctors, police, soldiers, port of entry officials and any other frontline worker.

 The plea was made by Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr Thapelo Matsheka on September 13 at an appreciation and prayer service for Lobatse-based frontline workers organised by the town’s Bible Life Ministries.

 Minister Matsheka thanked the church for supporting frontline workers who continued to battle to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Workers, including medical personnel, police and army officers, received tokens of appreciation from the church.  

That, Dr Matsheka said, was recognition that frontline  workers were chosen by God to protect their society.

“Often times we don’t take time to reflect and ask ourselves the very basic question of who is doing what to protect us. How come we have come to be where we are today and who is responsible? It is also through Almighty that we have those that are being dedicated to be in the frontline,” he said.

Dr Matsheka, who is Lobatse MP, donated sanitisers to the church as a way of encouraging it to continue guarding members against coronavirus.

Bible Life Ministries founder, Pastor Enoch Setima, urged frontline workers as well as the community at large to look to God for solutions to the chaos caused by the virus.

 God, he explained, usually worked when there were challenges.

“As you work in the frontline, everything is wrong because of coronavirus. But this pandemic is not here to stay. When everything can’t give answers, God is watching and saying, ‘I am going to make it right,’” he said.

Another speaker, Pastor Rodney Mazani of Lobatse Bible Life Ministries, explained that the coronavirus induced stressful conditions that many frontline workers operated under prompted the church to appreciate their bravery.

Just like struggle heroes and war veterans who were celebrated for fighting for freedom in various southern African nations, he said, COVID-19 frontline workers must be held in high esteem.

“They went into the trenches to fight for their nation. Today our fight is not a physical fight of guns and weapons of war. Our fight is a medical war and you, frontline workers, are the soldiers we are counting on. And today we take this opportunity to salute you,” he said.ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Jeremiah Sejabosigo

Location : LOBATSE

Event : Prayer service

Date : Sep 14 Mon,2020


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