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Security sector remains optimistic

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has not brought any immediate opportunities for the security sector, there is a sharp change of attitude that can be favourable.

This was said by Business Botswana - Security Sector chairperson Mr Gaolatwe Mudongo during a COVID-19 update in Gaborone September 14.

Mr Mudongo, who was presenting on enhancing the sectors’ strategies post the pandemic, said businesses were moving away from traditional forms of security to modern or technology-based operations.

“The new normal dictates that we become inclusive as an industry bringing in youth to cope with new technologies. Already we are seeing a growing number of women directors,” he said.

Saying the sector had not been spared the devastating effects of the scourge, he stated that in transit dropped drastically due to low business from three picks per day to one while other services such as consultancy and locksmith were completely closed.

Guarding dropped by about 40 to 60 per cent as top clients such as in the hotel and tourism industry closed shop, he said.

On other issues, Mr Mudongo said there was need to professionalise the industry to keep up with the introduction of  more sophisticated services such as fraud, risk and fingerprint analysis as well as private investigations.

The security chief urged government to have the current legislation amended saying it impeded the sector’s  growth and development.

He said the security sector was a crucial element in foreign direct investment.Mr Mudongo said government’s outsourcing of the security service was done with market risk transfers and no robust off-take arrangement.

There were still a number of jobs that could be outsourced, he said citing events such as the 1000km Desert Race and sports competitions instead of deploying a large number of police officers there.

Mr Mudongo expressed concern about preference for foreign companies over citizen-owned ones alleging that Diamond Trading Company had not engaged a single local firm to provide security services for transportation of diamonds. ends



Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : COVID-19 update

Date : Sep 14 Mon,2020


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