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Botswana needs help adjusting to new normal

 Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation has appealed to the international community to assist government in finding creative and innovative ways of adjusting to the new normal.

Speaking during a meet and greet session with heads of diplomatic missions and international organisations in Gaborone , Dr Lemogang Kwape gave the assurance that government continued to operate despite the conditions dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said it was upon everyone to focus on how best they could weather the storm of COVID-19.

 Meanwhile, Dr Kwape has expressed gratitude to the international community for rendering support to Botswana during the pandemic.

   He said the donations they made not only to both Botswana to but  to the region, served to mitigate the devastating effects of coronavirus.

On behalf of his colleagues, the Russian ambassador and dean of the diplomatic corps in Botswana, Dr Victor Sibilev said they commended Dr Kwape for meeting with them during the strict COVID-19 protocols.

Dr Sibilev noted that the diplomatic community had worked well with Dr Kwape in his previous portfolio adding that it would be a pleasure to work with him in the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation, interacting directly and sharing his vision on future operations.

He said  interaction between the diplomatic corps and the ministry had always been friendly and close.

Dr Sibilev said it was hoped to  even greater success on joint work and interaction would be achieved.

He welcomed the recently issued Botswana foreign policy magazine which he said would be a vital source of information on  the country’s international priorities.

 Dr Kwape was appointed to his current post on August 26 having headed the health and wellness ministry from November 2019.ends




Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More

Location : GABORONE

Event : meet n greet

Date : Sep 13 Sun,2020


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