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Nlapkhwane kgosi decries ‘false’ prophets operations

The leadership of Nlapkhwane in the North East District is worried by some people parading as spiritualists.

Speaking in an interview recently, Kgosi Mukani Mudongo stated that his village had been turned upside down by these ‘false’ prophets.

He said many families were in constant disputes because of revelations such as accusing members of bewitching their relatives. This, he said, led to cases registered at the customary courts for mediation where families fought among themselves.

Kgosi Mudongo indicated that this trend of prophecies had become a norm with the so called spiritualists traversing from compound to compound to give out their prophecies.

He stated that these acts were tainting Christianity in that all the prophecies were negative and meant to cause chaos.

Kgosi Mudongo highlighted that the mode of operations for the spiritualists was unclear, however, he noted that he feared that they charged people for performing miracles.

He pointed out that the village leadership presented their concerns to the ministers’ fraternal so that they could identify the prophets and order them to desist from these acts.

However, he said it was an uphill battle to uncover the prophets because people concealed their identity.

He highlighted that this was a complex matter in that spirituality could not be questioned or prosecuted through customary laws.

Kgosi Mudongo said he believed some of the accusations revealed by spiritualists should be treated as a threat to kill because they went to an extent of telling children that their parents were scheming to kill them. He said village elders were the most affected by this prophecy trend since revelations always portrayed them as wicked.

Kgosi Mudongo said religion should build individuals, families and the community at large instead of dividing them.

He noted that it was disheartening to see the elderly coming to his kgotla in tears because their children alleged that they bewitched them.

He explained that this was a serious matter that needed concerted efforts, hence need to call a meeting to rebuke such acts. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Portia Ikgopoleng



Date : Aug 11 Tue,2020


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