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Mbo pens another thriller

Nsununguli Mbo, a psychiatric doctor at Jubilee Mental Clinic in Francistown is also a writer of note.

He has written a series of fiction books that have possibly changed the way people look at things in this ever changing and complicated world.

Mbo’s books, which are all fiction, are based on greed, betrayal, dangers of lying and trusting strangers as well as dishonesty and corruption; with a bit of comedy, suspense/thriller, crime and romance.

For Mbo, writing is an act of healing.

“The small stories that stick in my memory have a resonance of their own and I trust them,” he said.

So far he had published 11 books since 2009 and his latest one is titled The Stolen Documents, which is expected to hit the streets by the end of this year, is not based on his life experience but what he wants to share with the reader; a typical life of every human being.

It illustrates the life of a young man, Abuti, who did not want to further his education hoping to inherit the  riches of his father, little did he know that the wealth will vanish with no time.

Botswana Unified Revenue descended upon his father for failing to pay tax and everything was lost. The father died due to heart attack.

The book starts off with a detailed description of Abuti’s upbringing in an environment of wealth. Abuti, from Pilikwe in the Tswapong area, was born with a silver spoon.

After the death of his father, Abuti is left stranded without any source of income but luckily he lands a job as a checkout operator at a local supermarket in the copper/nickel town of Selebi Phikwe.

All the women who used to hang around with him are gone and are laughing at him behind his back.

He is broke and friends are few. His mother, Maungo relocates to Pilikwe and he is left alone in Selibe Phikwe.

The background of Abuti’s mother, Maungo is that of another mishap. Maungo, escaped from Bana Ba Modimo Orphanage Centre at a tender age and started hustling.

She toiled and ended up a street lady and was addicted to crack cocaine.

She assumed a ruthless demeanor after she got gang raped and fell pregnant from that.

She was eventually taken off the streets by a man named Edmond.

That was when she resolved to live for money, which she would milk off people in whatever vile way she could.

It was during this time that she discovered the Church of The Godless Child (CoTGC).

That was after she met a woman named Kamogelo, who was the CoTGC’s pastor at the time, whom she sternly believed helped heal her emotional scars after explaining that at the CoTGC, rape was seen as a blessing that represented a calling.

When Edmond, whom Abuti grew up knowing to be his father, died, Maungo deviced and carried out a plan that saw her elevated to the position of Pastor sooner than planned.

The church is a thriving, corrupt and implacable secret society whose roots are in Pilikwe.

That was when she told Abuti, who knew nothing about the CoTGC, let alone her involvement with it, and knew nothing about its real past, that it was best they stayed apart until further notice, so he could restart life and not worry about her.

But the real reason was that she did not care about him and she wanted to make money through evil ways.

Private Investigator, Mogolodi Chibelu has been dragged into a general mission, which turns out to be more than what he had expected and he discovers that there is corruption at the church and Maungo and all others involved in the scam are prosecuted, but the court rules that all the proceeds of the crime be given to Abuti, her only son.

This was after the court discovered that Maungo had stolen some of the monies belonging to Abuti’s father and invested them on the church.

Abuti starts a new life again.

Basically, the message Mbo is trying to send through the book is that people may have similar backgrounds but end up with different outcomes.

Though Abuti suffered a lot throughout his entire life, the end is a happier life because all the riches his mother accumulated were given to him.

He now lives a happy life after all and those who used to shun him are beginning to show interest in coming back.

However, he does not reject them because, What goes around comes around”.

Mbo hails from Mbalambi village in the North Eastern part of Botswana.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics, and a Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry from the University College of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

He writes on a part-time basis.ENDS