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Public transport non-compliance a challenge

The North West District Council (NWDC) has expressed concern about public transport passengers in Maun who flout COVID-19 protocols.

In an interview during a COVID-19 compliance operation in Maun, the council’s environmental health instructor, Mr Tshireletso Koitsiwe said since the commencement of the operation on August 4, about 439 vehicles were inspected.

The campaign, which was up to August 5, is a joint effort involving the council’s environmental health department, Botswana Police Services as well as Department of Road Transport and Safety, was aimed at gauging compliance of people using public transport.

He said passengers failed to wear face masks while some public transport operators used substandard sanitisers.

Mr Koitsiwe said public transport operators failed to disinfect their vehicles two or three times a day as prescribed by health officials with some saying they cleaned twice them or thrice a week.

He said the police would take to task those disobeying COVID-19 protocols.

Meanwhile, the environmental health department would continue sensitising the public on what needed to be done to guard against the spread of COVID-19.

The department was responsible for ensuring compliance in all public and government organisations as well as public transport, he explained.

The campaign, he said, was motivated by complaints from members of the public regarding non-compliance by public transport operators.

In an interview, a Maun-Shorobe route operator, Mr Gabaitsiwe Matebele said some customers did not wear masks, citing medical conditions though without proof.

He said customers were sanitized and registered.

Mr Matebele said he was firm that passengers would only be allowed into the bus if they wore masks.

Department of Road Transport and Safety, transport inspector in Maun, Mr Badibedi Abidile complained about the use of home-made sanitizers on public transport and failure to clean vehicles.

Another challenge, he said, was haphazard registering characterised by missing information. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Kedirebofe Pelontle

Location : Maun

Event : Interview

Date : Aug 06 Thu,2020


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