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KENO Custom Suits adds fragrance to line

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American author Germany Kent’s saying that never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction is validated by promising entrepreneurs Messrs Thobo Kerekang and Donald Nnoto of Keno suits’ skills.

The business partners of an established household brand; Keno Custom Suits which specialises in tailor made suits, have made their intentions known that they are destined for greater things, adding perfumes to their line.

The duo intends to change the game in the world of perfumery through its men’s fragrance line.

They said their  locally produced self-funded Eau de Parfum called Elevate called Elevate, was a first of many brands to come. 

“We believe in empowerment, we believe in moving from one level to the next in life. We believe in progression and ambition.  So, the idea is to inspire the modern man to not only look good in a Keno Suit but also dress in a Keno scent hence the tagline: go beyond your limit!,” said Mr Kerekang in an interview recently.

Elevate as a quintessential parfum features a musky base note, fruity mid note topped with a slight pungent pineapple flavoured top note inspired by the 21 century gentleman who is driven and knows no limits.

Mr Kerekang also explained that their parfum was made to adapt to the warm weather and last the whole day. When explaining the process in creating Elevate parfum, Keno Custom Suits co-owner, Mr Nnoto explained that they partnered with a local fragrance manufacturing company White Label to produce and curate the fragrance.

“The process of creating Elevate parfum started in January. It was a bit challenging at the beginning to figure out what a Keno Scent should smell like, but at the end with the help of an expert perfumer, we were able to come up with a scent that was befitting the Keno image!” Mr Nnoto commented.

He also said the packaging of the product which included intense colors and remarkable design sent a message of confidence while its fine fragrance captured the attention of many from miles away.

“We are also going to officially launch a ‘1000 bottle campaign’. The aim of this initiative is to sell 1000 bottles and with each bottle sold, P5 will be given to charity,” he said.

Mr Kerekang further clarified that charity did not necessarily mean the destitute but towards a particular cause, such as empowering upcoming entrepreneurs who cannot be funded by the government.

“We will take the funds made towards the sale of the parfums and reinvest towards the youth and creative industry as a whole because at one point we also needed to elevate and get to a certain level and this is our way of giving back to the community,” he explained.

Commenting on the market reception so far, Mr Nnoto highlighted that Elevate was doing well in the market with some people even surprised that it was a local product. However, Mr Kerekang noted that there was a lot of work that went  into building a brand.

He said a lot of planning, strategising and implementing went into building a successful brand. “It took us six years of sweat and tears to build the Keno brand. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. As Batswana, we are very fortunate that we have various initiatives and regulatory frameworks provided by the government that are available at our disposal to help the youth but if entrepreneurship is not for you, do not force it! Obtaining an education as a foundation is therefore very important to map one’s life,” he advised. KENO Scents is available online and in local stores across the country. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Taboka Ngwako

Location : Gaborone

Event : feature

Date : Jul 30 Thu,2020


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