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Botswana vulnerable to climate change effects

The Department of Meteorological Services acting director, Ms Chandapiwa Sebeela says several studies have shown that Botswana is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Presenting the draft climate change policy to Ntlo Ya Dikgosi  recently, Ms Sebeela said the key sectors vulnerable to climate change included agriculture, water, biodiversity and ecosystems as they were climate dependent.

Ms Sebeela said climate change also affected human health, through the spread of water borne, water related and vector borne diseases and malnutrition among others.

Changing rainfall patterns she said, affected farmers who depended on rain-fed agriculture and that affected crop and beef production thus threatening food security.

She said dikgosi should guide in the formulation of legislation and policy, to develop and adopt an inclusive climate resilient growth and adaptation strategies.

Ms Sebeela further urged dikgosi to share vital information with the citizens, to stabilise greenhouse gas concentration and allow the ecosystem to adapt naturally to climate change and also that they be the voice of the citizens impacted by climate change at village level.

Specially elected member of Ntlo Ya dikgosi, Kgosi Oatleng Setlhodi appreciated the presentation and suggested that climate change should not only be discussed at workshops and seminars but that villages should have climate change committees. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Naomi Leepile

Location : GABORONE

Event : Ntlo ya Dikgosi

Date : Jul 13 Mon,2020


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