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Resources key to league transformation

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For football to commercialise, a lot of money is needed, hence a call to come up with strategies to create revenue.

Addressing BDF X1 committee during a league transformation workshop on Wednesday, FIFA consultant, Ashford Mamelodi, said the club should build a strong fan base, create youth development structures and invest in infrastructure.

Mamelodi said there was an initiative called FIFA connect programme that clubs could take advantage of to create revenue.

He said associations in the world were encouraged to advise clubs to register players aged 15 years, who have passports that would be used in all the transfers undertaken.

Mamelodi pointed out that if a player was transferred locally, there would be a transfer fee and if the second team transfered that same player to a foreign country, the original club that gave him the first transfer would also get a share from the fee.

Pertaining to infrastructure, Mamelodi said it was advisable for clubs to own property, such as offices or even stadiums where possible.

National team coach, Adel Amrouche, indicated that in the absence of youth development, it would not be easy for the club to succeed. He said the club should be in a position to create revenue by selling players, developed from a tender age.

Amrouche indicated that when more players were exported, the club and the country would make more money and thereby strengthening the national team. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Modiakgotla

Location : Gaborone

Event : Workshop

Date : Jul 09 Thu,2020


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