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Ricky Renei hit by hip hop bug at tender age

The Hip Hop/RNB genre has seen an explosion of artistes since the early 80s with almost instantaneous appreciation from adoring fans such as 25-year-old Oreneilwe Kubyadi who was hit by the bug at a tender age.

Adopting the stage name Ricky Renei almost immediately as she could afford a studio session, Oreneilwe knew she was destined to make music.

In an interview, the Malolwane-born young woman narrated her journey about how she started playing in taverns around South Africa where her father worked while she was growing up.

She said she fell in love with music while she was still in standard six and would always be caught writing musical lyrics in her notebooks to the annoyance of her teachers who thought her music fantasies would mess up her educational journey.

According to Oreneilwe, her big break came when she bought her first piano.

From then on she said she was able produce covers of other artists’ music and perform them with her friends.

Oreneilwe said her confidence had always been a great push for her accomplishments adding that ‘there is no room for softies in the  world of music.’

She described herself as an upcoming artist and plans intensify her music aspirations in the Botswana music industry.

Currently, Reneilwe is signed to Dark 9t records based in Thamaga and hopes  to grow and win the heart of many fans through her love sultry music.

She says she currently had four projects under her belt with the latest one titled Minanawe which she produced under Dark 9t records.

Looking back, Oreneilwe said her musical career was not always easy.

She said she had constantly lost money under different promoters who cheated her out of proceeds from shows she performed.

She said she remained hopeful that with the right people around her she could grow and achieve her dreams adding that she would like to get the recognition she deserved for what she had to offer.

‘The trailblazing journey continues and I will always go hard at filling this hunger I have for musical genius,’ she said. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Gobe Memo

Location : Gaborone

Event : Interview

Date : Jul 08 Wed,2020


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