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Border jumpers haunt Ramotswa

The unlawful movement by some Ramotswa residents and those of neighbouring villages in South Africa poses a major risk of the spread of COVID-19. 

Ramotswa Police Station Commander, Superintendent Keoagile Tau on June 30 expressed concern about the illegal border jumping incidents between Botswana and South Africa around the Ramotswa area. 

He said between Saturday and Monday, the police arrested three people for illegal entry into the country from South Africa. 

The trio, one female and two men were arrested on different dates and had gone to South Africa on different errands. 

Among the men arrested, is a South African residing in Botswana, while another is a Motswana who was returning after sneaking to South Africa. 

 As for the lady who is a Ramotswa native, Supt. Tau said she had been in South Africa since the initial lockdown was declared. 

He said the 24-year-old lady had gone to South Africa to visit her boyfriend, but had been unable to come home and she is said to have devised a plan to cross into the country illegally.  

However, Supt Tau said the lady was arrested after her family notified the police, as they were concerned about COVID-19 risks .

He said numbers of illegal border crossings between South Africa and Botswana were rising.

This, he attributed to the relations between the people of the two countries, who have relatives on each side. 

Supt Tau said the police had intensified their patrols around the border fence to curb the problem. 

He added that the police continued to educate the public about the danger of illegal border crossing through various platforms. 

Furthermore, he advised that those from foreign countries should follow proper protocols to be repatriated back to their respective countries, as opposed to illegal border crossing. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : Ramotswa

Event : Interview

Date : Jul 01 Wed,2020


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