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High demand sparks scarcity

Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane says that the outbreak of coronavirus has led to high demand of medical equipment throughout the world.

Speaking during a visit to Kanye on Thursday, Mr Tsogwane said the high demand for medical equipment had triggered shortage of medical equipment because every country was in need of such devices. 

He said the University of Botswana came near to rescuing the situation through the use of technology and innovative solutions in managing the disease by manufacturing masks.

The Vice President said that government took a deliberate move to avail P2 billion for COVID-19 Relief Fund and companies joined hands in contributing both in kind and monetary terms to augment the public purse. 

He said friend of Botswana Steve Harvey also assisted in donating personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical accessories that could help in managing the scourge.

He said scarcity of medical equipment meant managing the disease would be more challenging, hence he implored Batswana to abide by COVID-19 protocols and regulations. 

He said the country could not stay for good in lockdown as such would adversely affect the economy, hence businesses had to be opened in phases to resuscitate the economy and transit into the new normal.

Further, he said that register- keeping had proved to be a paramount practice in the fight against the scourge, adding that it was going to be difficult to fight the scourge without following  prescribed health precautions. 

He said the government was striving to increase testing laboratories and other related COVID 19 amenities as a way to thwart the scourge.

He thanked Batswana for their endurance to stay at homes during the state of emergency as well as suspending the traditions of weddings, funerals and churches and obeying the rule of restricted number of 50 people in gatherings to cater for social distancing.

The Vice President said COVID-19 had forced government to divert funds that would have been used for developmental projects. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Keith Keti

Location : Kanye

Event : Visit

Date : Jun 28 Sun,2020


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