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BFA board starts vetting process

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Botswana Football Association’s  electoral committee on June 22 started vetting applications for the association’s national executive committee.

The committee is tasked with scrutinising eligibility of the contestants as stipulated in the constitution.

Requirements  include the fact that one should be a Botswana citizen, aged between 30-75, serving or active in one of the football structures and with no criminal record.

The committee will also examine if candidates are currently subject to any pending civil, criminal, disciplinary proceedings or investigations by any independent or legal body.

Despite some football pundits questioning independence of the electoral board, some have confidence in it,.

The committee is chaired by retired district commissioner, Moemedi Letina, who was once tasked as returning officer in national general elections, retired police commissioner, Thebeyame Tsimako, retired senior labour officer and longtime manager and trainer in public and private sector Neo Thebe.

Sunday Standard sport journalist, Botlhale Koothopile, said the BFA electoral committee was an independent structure.

He said it could carry out its duties without external influence.

Koothopile said the committee was made up of citizens, who would be keen to protect their integrity.

“From the moment we heard of rumours from within the BFA that there was a possibility that elections would be postponed, we saw the committee step up to the plate and announce that only ‘them’ can make such pronouncements. In the aftermath of such, we saw the BFA also make it known that only the board can determine when, how and if elections will be held,” he said.

“Given the volatility of the recent BFA politics, we know that different camps will be seeking to get one over the other and this will really test the board,” Koothopile said.

He said for the sake of the committee’s image, the board should try to ward off politically motivated intent by all groups.

He said it should not entertain any allegations against candidates if no determinations had been made by relevant structures, bodies or courts of law. 

Otherwise, they should stick to the requirements as stipulated by the BFA constitution.

The vetting process is expected to end on June 29, thereafter the names of successful candidates will be publicised. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Anastacia Sibanda

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : Jun 25 Thu,2020


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