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Kasane police arrest, fine trio for alcohol smuggling

Police have arrested and charged a 35 year-old woman of Plateau for smuggling various alcohol beverages into the country from Zambia.

Kasane Police Station Commander Superintendent James Maabong said in an interview that the woman was arrested Friday night at her home in Plateau following a tip-off.

The woman was found in possession of different types of bottles of whiskey beverages ranging from Black Panthers, Two Keys whiskey and Gilbert's London Dry Gin.

He stated that the woman faces a possible fine of P2000 for importing and selling alcohol, which is prohibited under the current State of Public Emergency Regulations.

Supt Maabong said a government employee who was a client to the woman at the time of the arrest was fined P500 for having bought and drinking the beverages.

In a related matter, Superintendent Maabong said the police also arrested two men found in possession of alcoholic beverages at Kgaphamadi and fined them P500 each.

Supt Maabong stated that police were also looking for other suspects who are the ringleaders and main suppliers of these alcohol beverages. ENDS


Source : BOPA

Author : Thamani Shabani

Location : KASANE

Event : Interview

Date : May 23 Sat,2020


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