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FNBB to disburse P1.5m to performing arts

FNBB to disburse P1.5m to performing arts

First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) has announced further details on the approved programmes and intended disbursements of its P1.5 million contribution to COVID-19 relief in support of the performing arts and the creative industry.

In a Press Release, FNBB calls for proposal in the categories, which support COVID-19 social communications, behaviour change, entertainment and public safety.

The categories are Music, Fine Arts, Literary Arts, Dance, Comedy, Photography, Short Film/ Documentaries, Online Music shows and Fashion.

The release quotes FNBB Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms Peo Porogo as having said ‘at times like these we need the arts and culture more than ever. Singing unites us, dancing keeps us active. Each one of the activities that we have identified will help mitigate COVID-19 social impact and demonstrate how the arts, culture and fashion play a role in, public health, social cohesion and resilience’.

Furthermore, the release states that FNBB is committed to providing support to the local creative arts industry in light of the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Ends




Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : Press release

Date : May 19 Tue,2020


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