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Government reviews movement permits

Members of the public are expected to continue to apply for movement permits as the country moves into phase two of easing of extreme social distancing regulation. The period runs from May 8 to 14,

COVID-19 Task Force Team coordinator, Dr Kereng Masupu told a press conference today (May 9) that the public would continue to apply for movement permits in all the three phases of the extreme social distancing period.

Dr Masupu explained that validity of special permits had been increased from four to one day. He, however, explained that extreme social distancing regulations still applied in phase two.

Dr Masupu also said essential and critical service providers who were expected to shortly return to work should liaise with their employers to be granted the five-day special permits.

He explained that employees outside their working areas zones would be issued a pink permit valid for 12 days and would include three days allowance to procure services during the phase two duration.

Again, he indicated that the country would gradually move to phase three of the lockdown from May 15, where 75 per cent of the public service would be expected to return to work where employees would be issued a green permit valid 14 days.

The green permit, he said would nullify the use of the initial special permit and the public would be allowed free movement within their zones.

He indicated that government was looking into gradually opening the economy and thus working round the clock to ensure that all COVID-19 protocols were adhered.

Thus, he encouraged the public to continue adhere to all COVID-19 preventive regulation measures, adding compliance to regulations would be closely monitored. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Mosinyi

Location : Gaborone

Event : Press brief

Date : May 09 Sat,2020


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