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Prepare for unlocking - Mosepele

Covid-19 Task team, vice chairperson, Professor Mosepele Mosepele has encouraged different sectors of the economy to start engaging as to what to do as the country is gradually preparing to unlock.

Speaking at a press briefing, Professor Mosepele said employers and employees in different sectors of the economy should start pondering as to what they were going to do to ensure their work spaces were ready and safe to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

“And in some instances Batswana should expect that as part of the gradual unlocking, they might end up at certain work spaces, where they may be required to register their names and telephone numbers, and this is just so that, should someone be confirmed of COVID-19 in such a space, then we will be able to do contact tracing very quickly,” he said.

He said they may be spaces also where the public might be subjected to temperature measurement, whereas in some places they might be asked about symptoms of COVID-19, and in certain highly specialized industries, workers may be subjected to COVID-19 test.

Professor Mosepele said in about a week, "we will have a capacity of about 100 000 kits to carry-out rapid tests."

In other issues, Proffessor Mosepele said it was important for Batswana to familarise themselves with COVID-19 rules and regulations, noting that people who would be travelling into or out of Botswana should be familiar with the rules that they had to adhere to.

said once the movement into or outside the country was lifted, be it for business or otherwise, Batswana should be in a position to know what the COVID-19 rules in the countries they were willing to visit required them to do.
“For instance whether you will be expected to go under quarantine in the country that you are visiting, and first of all are you allowed as a Botswana citizen to enter that particular country,” he said.
Professor Mosepele said returning citizens and residents from countries which had lifted their lockdown, should be prepared for mandatory quarantine by ensuring that they have their gadgets and medication should they need them. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Anastacia Sibanda

Location : Gaborone

Event : Press brief

Date : May 02 Sat,2020


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