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Macheng wins Miss Universe Botswana

Tsaone Macheng of Nshagashogwe in the North East District is this year’s Miss Universe Botswana.

Macheng was crowned the queen on September 7 at a beauty contest that left many people who felt cheated baying for the blood of the organisers because of poor organisation.

Probably for the first time, elderly women including resilient and respectable men, who are usually reserved when felt let down, openly cursed and rebuked the day they bought tickets to the undeniably substandard pageant.

In the first instance, the pageant did not start on time in that by 7pm both the stage and the sound system were still being arranged while the director of the show Safie Sekgwa was nowhere to be found until late at around 10pm.

Interestingly, Sekgwa could not explain or apologise to the audience who had come in large numbers elegantly dressed for the night.

When it appeared that everything was now getting ready for the long awaited moment, the beauty contestants were nowhere to be found, as they were reportedly stranded at Alabama Hotel in Block 6, because there was no transport to bring them over.

Though Macheng has won the pageant and is destined to represent Botswana at the Miss Universe to be held sometimes this year in Moscow, Russia, and that people did not have qualms with her winning, it will forever be embedded in their minds that Saturday’s show was the worst of its kind since its resuscitation in the country.

The last straw, which broke the camel’s back and left those who bought VIP+ tickets in limbo, was that the flashy limousine which was to pick them from the main entrance of GICC was not provided. Also not provided were the red carpet which was to be laid for them as well as the exclusive sitting arena.

To add salt to injury there was no promised sumptuous banquet which concluded the P1 500 ticket, but instead lucky guests that chose to remain behind while others left in disgust and protests after waiting for eternity were provided with “dried” samosa and pieces of grilled chicken with no drink to sooth it down.

Meanwhile, the queen, Macheng, whose first and second princesses are Benah Sekgabo and Boitumelo Kaneli respectively, said in an interview that she endeavoured to promote arts and culture as they had a positive impact in the country’s economic growth.

The second year fine arts student at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa noted that although she was not certain whether she will be crowned, said the move was a good gesture and feel honoured.

The 23-year-old also noted that she will from now on broaden her knowledge about Botswana so that she will be in a good position to represent the country well.

She however said during her preparation to the pageant she had time to learn challenges facing people in rural areas.

In the meantime, Sekgwa who allegedly lost some of the sponsors who pulled out at the last minute is yet to explain his position regarding the bad organisation of the pageant watched by over one billion people globally during its grand finale. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Benjamin Shapi

Location : GABORONE

Event : Miss Universe Botswana 2013

Date : Sep 09 Mon,2013


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