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Farmers appeal for assistance

 Smallstock farmers in Matopi have appealed to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) to intensify interventions of assisting them. In an interview on Monday, farmers expressed concern about some vaccinations that led to loss of  livestock. 

They appealed to the department to help them get a more favourable and affordable vaccine to boost their livestock’s health. 

One of the farmers, Ms Salo Odirile, a recipient of the Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development Programme (LIMID) assistance, said they could not afford prescribed vaccines for their livestock. 

Ms Odirile said she was given 13 goats. 

“When the goats arrived, I was impressed with how they started to reproduce, but unfortunately, before I could reap some benefits, some of the goats started dying, while some got lost after being terrorised by predators,” she said. 

She said although she faced challenges, some of the them managed to survive. 

Ms Odirile said she was hopeful that government would assist with livestock vaccines and subsidise livestock feed during summer seasons. 

Meanwhile, Mr Major Tlase and Ms Ntono Jack, both beneficiaries of poverty eradication scheme, said they were each given 13 goats in 2018, but now wondered if Matopi was the right place for smallstock.

Both farmers also decried livestock losses, with Mr Tlase saying he was only left with five goats, while Ms Jack said she was left with  four. 

In spite of all the challenges, the farmers were grateful for the cooperation between them, saying they helped each other in times of trouble. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Keneilwe Ramphotho

Location : MATOPI

Event : Interview

Date : Mar 26 Thu,2020


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