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MP encourages uptake of programmes

 Member of Parliament for Kgalagadi South, Mr Sam Brooks has encouraged constituents to use available government programmes and policies to develop themselves.

Speaking during Kgotla meetings in Maubelo and MaCathy’s Rust recently, Mr Brooks said government created opportunities through strategic policies hence the people must take them seriously to create employment 

He cited programmes such as primary school feeding where breakfast was offered in school. 

This, he said presented business opportunities for the people to supply the schools with bread, eggs and fruits. 

The MP highlighted that job market was saturated therefore people must think outside the box to create opportunities for themselves. 

“The agriculture sector can create such jobs especially in our region,” he said. He added that Kgalagadi district was a hub of livestock and small stock and thus government should work on providing incentives tailored specifically for this economic activity during times of drought.   

Furthermore Mr Brooks explained that ample opportunities existed in the tourism sector which residents  could explore adding that the area was endowed with natural resources. 

The legislator was consulting the community in a series Kgotla meetings in the constituency. 

He encouraged constituents to buckle up and get ready to work to better their lives. He emphasised that President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi’s roadmap included education as a cornerstone of catapulting Botswana towards being a knowledge based economy. 

However, he said, Kgalagadi lagged behind and needed to do better. 

He cited shortage of classrooms as one area of concern.

On other issues he encouraged the youth to be careful on how they used the social media platform, saying some tended to misbehave and insult politicians. 

Further, he noted that the marriage act shall be reviewed to strengthen the legal aspect and protect children from being married at tender age. The Youth Development Fund (YDF) shall be reviewed to make things better and remove the red tapes that impeded the progress of the projects, he said.

Maubelo Kgosi Philip Lorekang decried that Tsabong Sub Landboard took longer to allocate plots to the youth adding that it has been five years since allocation was done. He stated that none of the Maubelo villagers had been allocated land. “If this situation continues the youth would fight over inheritance land, they may resort to squatting or in worse situations wish for their parents to die so that they could inherit their land,” he said. 

In response, Tsabong Sub Landboard Chairperson, Mr Peter Gotlop acknowledged the villagers' concerns and allayed their fears. He said there was a new land distribution strategy and legal framework in place to counter the challenges. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Calviniah Kgautlhe

Location : Maubelo

Event : kgotla meeting

Date : Jan 21 Tue,2020


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