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Masisi to launch corruption prevention policy

The Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi is expected to launch the National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA) corruption prevention policy on September 11.

A press release from NACA states that the policy outlines the agency’s position in respect of fraud and corruption and strategic measures in place for detection and prevention of corruption, and for fair dealing in matters pertaining to fraud and corruption.

The release states that the policy outlines a strategic development to assist employees, NACA funded organisations and the public to become aware of what corruption is and what structures NACA has in place to combat it.

The policy aims to fight corruption whose effect jeopardises or hinders the country’s economic and social development, in order to enhance the rule of law and democracy, the release says.

It further states that the policy seeks to provide guidance to employees on action to be taken where they suspect any fraudulent and corruption activity, and to ensure that management is aware of its responsibilities for identifying exposure to fraudulent and corruption activities and for establishing controls and procedures to prevent such activity or to detect such activity when it occurs.

Furthermore, it aims to provide a clear statement to employees forbidding any illegal activity; including fraudulent and corruption activity which was detrimental to public interest, assurance that all fraudulent and corrupt activities would be fully investigated and appropriate action taken and a suitable environment for employees to report matters that they suspected may involve fraudulent or corrupt activities or improper conduct.

The release further states that the risk of corrupt or fraudulent activities is ever present in all organisations and in all industries.  

It adds that experience shows that NACA is not immune to the possibility of corruption or fraud activities occurring which can potentially be perpetrated by a wide range of individuals or entities from both within and external to the agency.

Furthermore, as a public sector entity, the community expects the highest of standards of behaviour and public service delivery of high quality.

Employees are also expected to practice the highest standard of stewardship of public resources and to establish and maintain a sound system of internal controls, and should also adopt and practice an outstanding standard of ethics in all NACA’s business dealings.

Meanwhile, in effort to curb corruption within the organisation, NACA has to date, established and implemented the corruption prevention committee, an audit committee, training board, promotion and recruitment boards, project appraisal committee and has also opening of a gift register.  ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : Gaborone

Event : Press release

Date : Sep 02 Mon,2013


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