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Locust devastation puts ministry on high alert

The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security is on high alert following reports of migratory pests ravaging crops in some parts of Africa.

Chief agricultural information and public relations officer Ms Boikhutso Rabasha said in an interview that the ministry was aware that large swarms of desert locust were now spreading throughout Kenya after wreaking havoc in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Ms Rabasha said the ministry was always prepared for any eventuality that could cause damage to crops and was therefore on the lookout for trouble especially at this time of wet weather. 

She said traps had been set up throughout the country and the ministry’s staff were visiting farms to help farmers identify troublesome insects or pests as there were high possibilities of locusts crossing into the southern part of the continent.

Ms Rabasha appealed to farmers to be vigilant and notify the ministry’s officials as quickly as possible if they came across unfamiliar insects so that prompt action could be taken. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Aubrey Maswabi

Location : Gaborone

Event : Interview

Date : Jan 14 Tue,2020


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