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Killa casino tests waters with coconut

 Sean (Killa Casino) Seke’s dancehall single Coconut is doing well on electronic platforms since its release in August last year.

In an interview recently the musician’s manager Fidel Matshetshe revealed that Coconut comes after dropping 15 extended plays (EPs) or demos online last year.

The electronically released dancehall track is dedicated to the fun loving fans out to enjoy the pleasurable track that has proven to be a must have on one’s playlist.

“Coconut is a Caribbean fruit common at beaches, and since the song is about that good vibe and relaxation, I saw the name fit. It’s about dancing and having fun,” explained Fidel.

 This unique track was well received hence the youngster plan to drop the Coconut video soon.

The 16-year-old explained that he had decided to come up with the single after dropping more than 15 extended plays last year.

“I started singing last year with more than 15 EPs online and felt it was time for a single. Most are hip-hop, RNB as well as dance hall, adding that switching between genres is a way of proving his flexibility of accommodating the interests of his fans.

 He proved to have won the hearts of many through his EPs as he has managed to perform at a variety of events such as Maf-Town Fashion Expo on October this year, his first performance outside Botswana.

 He also performed at the Masquerade Winter Fashion Show held in June last year.

 Most remember him for his outstanding performance during the Miss Independence Fashion Show. He is optimistic about his single being a stepping stone to his music career.

Apart from music Killa Casino, a form 3 student, desires to be an entrepreneur as well.

“I want to continue with music. It does not interfere anyhow with my academic life. Upon completion of my studies, I want to spread my wings and be an entrepreneur,” he said. Killa Casino’s ambition stretches further as he is also a producer and songwriter.

His passion for poems and stories inspires his creative juices.

Ban-T and Nasty C also enthuses him.  “Ban-T and Nasty C’s music is relatable to how I feel. They are the ones who inspired me too.” His desire is to work with Ban-T and Dintle in future. Apart from his inspirations, Fidel, explained that Killa Casino is a talented a youngster who is dedicated hence he has a promising future.

“I’ve witnessed his talent sometime in December 2017, playing impressively around the keyboard despite not being a musician then. I decided to unearth this hidden talent, and it was worth it,” he said joyfully. Fidel went on to explain that since Killa Casino started his music career, he had proven to be on the right track and focused .

  “He’s a good person and self-disciplined too. We hope to see Coconut taking him even further in music,” he concluded. 

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Source : BOPA

Author : Sesafeleng Khunong

Location : Gaborone

Event : Interview

Date : Jan 07 Tue,2020


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