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Malepa targets 100 Hip-hop gospel songs

After 10 years in the music industry, Obakeng Malepa (30), popularly known as King Fisher has challenged himself to make 100 songs that have a message.

Malepa stated during an interview that he wanted the 100 songs to make a great impact in people’s lives, especially the youth.

He said since joining the music industry ten years ago, he had realised that music could be a platform to communicate to the youth.

Malepa has established himself as one of the country’s most sought-after artists, after his popular song Phoko, topped the charts for almost three months.

Inspired by local artist, Vee Mampeezy, he said music had become a career for him, and he believed entertaining his fans and motivating them using the word of God in his songs was essential.

The Serowe-born and bred artist stressed that even though he was aiming to make more songs this year, he was faced with many challenges such as inadequate finances.

“As artists, we have to advertise our music, cut CDs, print flyers, register with CosBots, and all this requires money, which we generally lack,” he said.

Lack of support from Batswana is yet another challenge the young artist is faced with.

To this end he urged Batswana to attend his shows, buy his music and refrain from piracy.

He also requested the government to create a music academy and a big music studio where upcoming artists would be groomed.

He also called for booking of  local artists to perform during government events to improve the industry.

Malepa said he was more fascinated by live performances and was eager to collaborate with big artists, such as Franco.

Apart from music, he has other side hassles, such as a catering business that delivers food in different offices around Serowe as well as a car wash, which he said he wanted to turn into a cleaning company in the future.

Malepa advised young upcoming artists to receive God first in their lives and do well in academically, if they wanted to live prosperous lives.

He is scheduled to perform at the fourth annual Kgosi Malope Cycling Challenge in February in Kanye and release his 11-song album in June. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Felicia Kgosietsile

Location : Serowe

Event : Interview

Date : Jan 06 Mon,2020


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