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M Kold unleashes potential in Mponesetse

Afro Hip Pop lovers will certainly have a memorable festive, thanks to Mogakolodi Mokaro aka M Kold Afro’s hip hop hit song Mponesetse.

The song is dedicated to all music lovers both young and old. It petitions God to shed light on their life journey.

M Kold is derived from the 28-year-old’s real name Mogakolodi Mokaro, who hails from Mogapi, but resides in Letlhakane. 

 He developed interest in the music industry at 13 and actualised his dream in 2007.

The song was inspired by the challenges people go through such as epidemic diseases, passion killings, floods, earth quakes and teenage pregnancy. 

The song has the potential to stir the attention of the audience.

 M Kold is destined to be the best performing upcoming artiste, judging by his previous local performances and considering that the song offers a sweet melody to the ear.

The song also encourages  people to correct their bad behaviour and be a better nation, which is able to teach children to differentiate right from wrong and curb diseases and passion killings, which are a major concern in this country.

M Kold dropped his single debut album last year June after being produced and composed by KellyBeats at Wind Storm Records in Letlhakane.

The song is available on his face book page, digital platform and is expected to hit airwaves soon. 

He can be in-boxed for a copy.

He performed the song during President Day competitions and grabbed position two in the central region. 

He also performed at different events such as double night festival, Shuga radio road show, council awards, my star launch and Miss RADP Boteti.

M Kold said his challenge as an upcoming artiste was lack of funds to cut cds and dvds as he struggles to find sponsors, which make his music to take long to penetrate the market.

It is more of a motswako hip hop song intended to allow older people to easily understand the message relayed through the song.

He also indicates that since music is a tool used to convey message to the public, his lyrics are about real life situation issues taking place worldwide.

His advice to upcoming artistes is that, although they have different beliefs, they should produce songs that comfort, provide advice, encourage and teach.

M Kold cautioned upcoming artistes against copying the artistes that are already in the market,  but devise new and unique beats. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Tefo Kebareng

Location : Letlhakane

Event : Interview

Date : Jan 05 Sun,2020


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