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Operations impede service delivery

Some operations within government media departments are at crisis point and therefore hamper service delivery.

 Information and Broadcasting Services deputy permanent secretary Mr Oshinka Tsiang said there was therefore need to transform processes to make the organisations more professional and appealing.

Addressing staff in Kanye on Monday, he informed them that the media  departments were at the core of President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi‘s transformation agenda. 

It was imperative therefore, he said, to first transform  internal processes and strategies to align them with departmental mandates.

“Our organisation is at the heart of the transformation that the President is talking about and this means we have a huge responsibility on our shoulders. But we first need to understand who we are and start by transforming the outlook of our organisation,” he said.

He underscored the need for re-engineering of processes and strategies to suit the image of the departments.

Mr Tsiang also called for  introspection to make products more appealing to customers as well as to align them with current advances in technology. 

Employees were further encouraged to take pride in their services and to make them appealing both to themselves and external customers. 

In addition, he told the employees that they should be at the forefront of driving government flagship programmes such as promotion of the  creative industry. 

He implored them to use their skills and resources at their disposal to tell stories through their products.

“We have the mandate to drive this narrative by being at the forefront of telling these stories. With the qualifications and skills that we have, I believe we can achieve this,” he said.

He called on supervisors to ensure that resources were allocated appropriately to avoid under-utilisation and urged them to employ cost recovery measures. 

Employees of the different departments were encouraged  to get rid of boundaries and share resources since they worked for one organisation and served the same customer.

“Let’s get rid of the little walls that we have built around ourselves,” he said.

For his part, Btv head of news Mr Buyani Zongwani urged employees to do their best to improve the quality of news. 

He said Btv management had already started working on improving product quality of holistically and therefore called on employees to have an input.

On staff welfare, Mr Zongwani said it was every organisation’s responsibility to take care of its employees so that they could in turn deliver good service to customers.

“Staff welfare is the core of the balanced score card which calls for capacitating the employees so that they could take care of the customers. Unlike the private sector whose profit is money,our profit as a public service provider is the happiness of our customers,” he said.

Meanwhile,the employees decried shortage of office space and transport which they said hampered service delivery.

They also complained that some transfers were done in bad faith which affected staff morale and consequently performance. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Kehumile Moekejo

Location : Kanye

Event : Meeting

Date : Dec 03 Tue,2019


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