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Huawei donates to Sefhare school

Huawei Technologies Botswana has donated Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment worth P1million to Sefhare Junior Secondary School.

The equipment comprises  video conferencing and video surveillance facilities as well as smart boards.

Giving a keynote address at the handing over of the equipment recently, Minister of Transport and Communication Ms Dorcus Makgato noted that e-learning was a new way of lerning and teaching.

 She said the national ICT policy, ‘Maitlamo’ talks about e-learning which enabled students to learn by utilizing ICT to access educational material outside the classroom.

Learners, she said, would be able to access learning material such as courses delivered online  and  computerized electronic learning using the internet.

Ms Makgato said although video conferencing facilities did not not constitute e-learning, they augmente it.

The facilities would allow tapping on special resources from elsewhere as well as the use of distant teachers, Ms Makgato said. 

In addition, she said pupils could form study groups to learn from others with similar facilities.

 The equipment would enable learners to talk to the teacher and see pictures and what was written just like when a teacher was physically present in the classroom, she noted.

Minister Makgato explained that this was an important new method of teaching in that if there was a teacher with special knowledge and skill somewhere outside Sefhare or Botswana, the school could get the teacher to teach from wherever they were.

She mentioned that as government continued with the modernisation of ICT infrastructure, video conferencing would become more and more a feature in modernised network.

Ms Makgato said video conferencing would also allow adoption of useful applications including connecting different schools for collaboration, virtual classrooms, chatting with experts face-to-face, recording lessons for review, distance education and sign language transmission for hearing and speech impaired people.

 She said it also created a platform for teachers to facilitate meetings and conferences thereby minimizing travel and ultimately reducing costs.     

For his part, Huawei senior accounts manager Mr Frelimo Kebopetswe explained that the video conferencing solution equipment was very much useful in the current era.

He said the equipment had been installed in the school’s computer lab. 

Mr Kebopetswe said his organisation also provided smart boards for digital writing, content saving and sharing between remote users. 

The company donated two smart boards with one having been installed in the library and the other in the business lab.

In addition a surveillance camera was provided while the school had been connected with the latest Wi-Fi solutions with two access points to broaden the school’s Wi-Fi coverage.

 He said a a server room had also been setup in the school.

Huawei, he said, was very much committed to adhering to its obligation of corporate social responsibility mandate and to its partnership with the ministries of Transport and Communication and Basic Education.

Ministry of Basic Education permanent secretary, Ms Bridget John commended Huawei for the donation and expressed gratitude to the ministry for partnering with Huawei.

She said e-learning had a positive impact on the learning and teaching environment, indicating that computer studies and usage of internet was very important and played a core role in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Ends


Source : BOPA

Author : Tshepo Mongwa

Location : SEFHARE

Event : Handover ceremony

Date : Oct 28 Mon,2019


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