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Pre-marital counselling important

Pre-marital counselling (PMC) prepares partners for marriage and ensures that they have a healthy relationship.

Ms Onalenna Edward, a guidance and counselling teacher at Tashatha Junior Secondary School in Tati Siding, said this when presenting on the values of pre-marital counselling at the eigth EBAT Relationship Seminar Series on October 18.

Ms Edward said pre-marital counselling was an interactive discussion with people intending to marry, adding that it helped improve partners’ ability to communicate.

It also helped partners to set realistic expectations for marriage such as the number of children to have, where to settle and where to buy a house.

Ms Edward noted that PMC helped partners develop a positive attitude towards life as well as understanding themselves and their partners.

Ms Edward urged partners to ask themselves why they were getting married, why they were attracted to each other and also understand their partner’s weaknesses. 

She noted that if they were content about all that, they would then be able to assist their partner to improve, manage finances, divide chores and decide on the number of children they wanted.

Masunga district officer, Mr Gotewang Senwedi, said marriage was a covenant between two people who met because of love and willing to make a sacrifice for ech other.

Mr Senwedi said marriage had to be treated with respect for it to be successful.Mr Senwedi urged partners to learn to apologise and avoid harbouring secrets.

He advised partners to avoid friends who gave wrong advice.

For his part, general director and chairman of EBAT Consultants, Mr Ogomoditse Maruapula, said the workshop aimed at raising issues that were normally not discussed at home as well as create networking and informal support groups.

The workshop also clarified the 21-day notice period and its expectations on the marrying couples and assisted people with relevant literature and research findings including testing assumptions.

Mr Maruapula noted that the management of any marriage should not be left to chance or ‘auto-pilot’, adding that there was need for engagement as married people. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Goweditswe Kome

Location : TATI SIDING

Event : Relationship seminar

Date : Oct 21 Mon,2019


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