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Saleshando launches Boko

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader, Advocate Duma Boko has appealed to Batswana to entrust their votes with UDC during the general elections.

Speaking during his launch as a parliamentary hopeful for Gaborone Bonnington North at Diphetogo Grounds on October 19, he said his party would provide better living for all Batswana and that the working class would be provided with competitive salaries across all cadres to revitalise the economy.

Appealing voters to come out in numbers, he said those who did not vote because of disillusionment should have re-renewed hope that the UDC was a remedy to their predicaments, hence the need to vote for all candidates in the coalition movement.

Adv. Boko said UDC held answers to all Batswana problems and was the only alternative to challenges they faced, hence it should be given a chance.

He said Batswana should wake up and face the realities of life and stop being compromised. 

He said his party would address national challenges such as unemployment, poverty, low wages, land issues and inequalities among the poor and rich.

The UDC leader said as an ordinary Motswana child who grew in the mainstream society without any wealthy background, he understood what they were facing and was the right person to represent them.

He said they would put in place an enabling environment for people to fend for themselves. He added that the country was full of potential and possibilities.

Adv. Boko reiterated key messages of the UDC manifesto, amongst them promises of creating 100 000 jobs in the first 12 months, providing a living wage of P3 000, student allowance of P2 500 and old age pension of P1 500.

He also said the coalition movement would lead a corrupt free government without a handful of Batswana enjoying the riches of the country.

The UDC parliamentary aspirant for Gaborone Bonnington North also promised that he would continue advocating for more developments in their area.

He said he had previously appealed to government to consider making the Block 6 Diabetes Clinic to cover other healthcare services and to operate 24 hours in order to alleviate congestion at Gaborone West Clinic and others to no avail.

Launching Adv. Boko, UDC deputy leader, Mr Dumelang Saleshando concurred that Batswana should usher in change through the ballot on October 23.

He described the UDC leader as the most capable among other presidential aspirants to transform the country to greater heights.

Mr Saleshando stated that should the voters secure votes for Adv. Boko and UDC council candidates, they would live a dignified life. ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Mmoniemang Motsamai

Location : GABORONE

Event : launch

Date : Oct 20 Sun,2019


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