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Land and security challenges dominate Mogoditshane debate

The issue of shortage of land, safety and security dominated  Radio Botswana parliamentary debate for Mogoditshane Constituency on October 10.

Battling out for Mogoditshane Parliamentary seat was Mr Sedirwa Kgoroba of Alliance for Progressives (AP) Mr Tumiso Rakgare of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Mr Mozambia Dibe of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Botswana Patriotic Front‘s(BPF) Mr Bruce Nkgakile and Mr Tshepang Mabaila as Independent Candidate.

The  AP’s Mr Kgoroba urged constituents to vote him back to Parliament as he has a track record in the development of the constituency. Highlighting some of his achievements during his tenure, Mr Kgoroba said the Khudiring road which was scheduled for construction in 2021 has now started construction. He said he argued his case and put on pressure government to solicit some funds  for the construction of the road.

On the land allocation issue, Mr Kgoroba said the Ledumadumane plot allocations were resolved to allocate plots not only for ploughing land owners but to their children as well.

Furthermore, he indicated that because of the high crime rate ion Mogoditshane, they had put pressure on government to return the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) patrols in order to assist in the fighting against the escalating crime. In addition, Mr Kgoroba said they had held meetings with Water Utilities Corporation to extend stand pipes to the residents of Ledumadumane whilst awaiting funds for property infrastructure.

He said  party promised a revitalised economy with better paying jobs, an education revolution to meet global changes and the fourth industrial revolution, to re-train people to meet skills of the job market as well as to reduce the turnaround time for plot allocation, among others. BDP’s Mr Rakgare said his party has made tremendous efforts in service delivery and development of Batswana over the years. He said although they acknowledged their shortcomings in various areas, they would deliver what they promised Batswana.

Mr Rakgare also promised that his party would  address the land issue by  capacitating  land boards in order to address  plot allocation back log.  He also noted that his party has recently passed the law which allow for landowners to use parts of their lands for other alternative businesses.

Concerning education, Mr Rakgare said under BDP they promise constituents to enhance and improve status of education in Botswana.

He said the Botswana sponsor top achievers in BGCSE to enroll in specialized programs, with the aim of  expanding knowledge in various fields  and also to stay relevant to the job market. His aim, he said was to create an education fund in all Mogoditshane schools that would assist government in minor areas and or projects for the improvement of results in the area.

Mr Dibe of UDC has pledged for jobs and sustainable salaries for all which he said his party would deliver through the creation of  jobs for Batswana with better minimum wage of P3, 000 and universal health for all.

Mr Dibe also said if voted  he would advocate for safety and security in Mogoditshane. Mr Dibe said there was need for a second police station in Mogoditshane to curb the high crime rate in the area, as well as equipping the law enforcement and improving their condition of service.

He indicated that the high crime rate was attributed to factors such as many fail drop outs from junior certificate and unemployed graduates. Therefore, he said once in power his party would empower all youth with free education continuity until  they get jobs.

BPF’s Mr Bruce Nkgakile also highlighted issue of land as a concern in Mogoditshane which he said was due to  urbanization and  leaves residents of Mogoditshane with no plots.

Therefore, he said once voted to Parliament he will advocate for a 60 percent quota to reserve for Mogoditshane residents. Additionally, he said they promise to compensate landowners  in order to have space for plot allocation.

He also raised concern with businesses that were in the hands of foreigners instead of Batswana. He said in Mogoditshane car import businesses should be availed to residents only especially that it has better profits. He said they also promised to assist Batswana with funds to operate such businesses.

 Mr Nkgakile said once voted in Parliament he would pledge his  salary to less privileged to assist them in school necessities such as uniforms.

The independent candidate Mr Tshephang Mabaila promised to build a recreational park for the Mogoditshane community which would be funded by his supporters from South Korea. He also argued that the high youth unemployment rate in Botswana and in Mogoditshane was due to lack of proper coordination. He said government alone  also could not create employment saying the youth should be empowered for the betterment of their lives.

In addition, Mr Mabaila said one of his plans if voted, would be to build a stadium and a community hall in Mogoditshane. He argued that the current community hall in Mogaditshane was dilapidated hence it could not be used to generate income. Regarding the stadium, Mr Mabaila said it would be used by the local teams as well renting the premises to teams from other regions. The existence of the stadium, according to Mabaila would also contribute to the development of sports in the constituency. ENDs


Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More


Event : Parliamentary debates

Date : Oct 13 Sun,2019


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