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Tsogwane appreciates Leepile’s contribution

The Vice President and also Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) chairperson, Mr Slumber Tsogwane has encouraged Mr Joseph Leepile’s family to be comforted because the deceased has served his purpose on earth.

The late Mr Leepile, a former BDP councillor for Mogojogojo, passed away on September 4 after a short illness.

Speaking at a BDP memorial service in honour of the deceased in Digawana on Seotember 12, Mr Tsogwane said Mr Leepile’s death inspired them to live their purpose as outlined by God.

He said this was a time to celebrate his life and appreciate his contribution in various ways.

He commended the former councillor’s contribution in politics, which he said had helped bring development to the country.

He said politics was important in building a nation, as evidenced by the positive image Botswana had built for itself to be one of the most peaceful countries.

Mr Tsogwane underscored the need to protect the peace that exists in the country by speaking against anything that threatens the tranquility and has the potential to destroy the country’s future.

He called on Batswana to educate themselves about the history of the country so that they could make informed decisions going into the future.

He said it was the responsibility of political representatives to prioritise the needs of their communities.

For his part, former Southern District Council chairperson, Mr Leach Tlhomelang said Mr Leepile was a development politician, who contributed to the establishment of several sub-districts in the area.

He said they worked together at a time when the country was battling economic recession, and one of their initiatives was adopting the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model to bring developments such as Mongala Mall in Kanye.

“We had a strong belief that councils had the potential to be self-sufficient and not being entirely dependent on central government,” he said.

He said Botswana was fortunate to have a young brood of educated candidates who had the potential to drive developments.

Southern District Council chairperson, Mr Alec Seametso said they had lost a soldier in Mr Leepile and this called for celebrating his life that he lived abundantly instead of mourning.

He described the deceased as a peace-loving leader, who worked hard for his country through public service and later as a politician.

He said Mr Leepile and other elders moulded him to become the leader that he currently is, since he [Seametso] became a councillor at the age of 22.

Mr Seametso said their mentorship helped him and other youthful councillors in issues of governance.

For his part, Mogojogojo councilor, Mr Beach Mooketsane said Mr Leepile achieved a lot while in the BDP, and was the first to take the ward from the opposition.

He said his success was measured by those he associated with, as he impacted positively on many lives in the community.

“He maximised the potential that God gave him,” he said. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Kehumile Moekejo

Location : DIGAWANA

Event : BDP memorial service

Date : Sep 15 Sun,2019


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