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Artists promote reading culture

A group of Maun artists, Rise Up, has embarked on a mission to provide motivational talks and promote a culture of reading amongst pupils in both primary and junior secondary schools.

Concerned about the social ills and issues of indiscipline which is rampant in schools, the group has targeted Ngamiland schools.

It has already covered Tshwaragano and Moeti junior secondary schools and soon will soon move on to Letsholathebe Primary School, with the department of Education approved initiative.

The project is expected to assist to bring positive results as Ngamiland schools are said to be performing badly academically.

In an interview, a member of the group, Tumo Kenosi confirmed their mission, noting that their aim was to promote good conduct and mould pupils into responsible citizens.

He said social ills had become a challenge amongst school going children despite teachers’ efforts to cultivate the spirit of Botho and good conduct. 

Kenosi stated that they were concerned that most end up dropping out of school due to drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy which posed a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

He revealed that they are using one of the books he authored “Monate ga o fele” to motivate the students as the Setswana novel aims to sensitise and mould young people to become responsible citizens with a bright future. 

The book carries a strong message that encourages young people to focus on education and stop juggling school with fun.

Kenosi said they were impressed with the positive response from the students as they found the initiative amazing and fun. 

He believed that the motivational messages would guide them to change their mindset and assist them to take their studies seriously.

He also wished the government could consider constructing recreational facilities in the district; as lack of such, was one of the factors that cause young people to turn to social ills.

He believed if there were such facilities their job would be  easier as they could provide education while having fun.

Maun, he said was well known as an entertainment hub and it was disheartening to see many children visiting entertainment spots such as clubs and bars for ‘fun’.

Kenosi also pointed a finger at parents for failing their children, revealing that during their interactive sessions with pupils, they observed that some lacked parental guidance as some were head of the families, taking care of the siblings while some stayed alone.

He called on parents to play their role in their children’s upbringing and education, adding that they should give their children complete training so that they grow and act responsibly.

“Complete training encompasses moral, spiritual, social, academic and healthy wellbeing. When this is done, the child will be nurtured to behave and act well,” he added.

The group wishes to roll-out their project to other districts, resources permitting,  because they believe it could augment government efforts in the fight against social ills amongst young people. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Interview

Date : May 23 Thu,2019


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