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Taung level crossing hazardous - residents

Mogobane and Taung residents have complained  about the Taung level crossing calling it a safety hazard to both rail and road users.

This came to light during separate kgotla meetings addressed by the area MP, Mr Samuel Rantuana recently.

In Taung, residents said speed humps created a queue at the level crossing while some motorists were forced to wait on the rail line itself.

For its part, the Mogobane community called for the construction of a bridge across the level crossing to ease traffic congestion.

Apart from saving the lives of rail and road users, residents said the bridge would connect Taung and Ramotswa during rainy periods.

They noted that the existing bridge, only meters away from the level crossing, became inaccessible during heavy rains and at times was submerged thus cutting links between Taung and Ramotswa.

Residents said water from Taung River at times went over the railway line and destroyed the road.

In response, MP Rantuana concurred that a bridge was needed but said it would be a long process for it to be constructed.

He said while government consultations took long, funds would be a determining factor for the construction of the bridge.

Mr Rantuana however promised to take the matter up with relevant authorities because the need was genuine.

He said during the rainy period, people got stranded due to the overflowing river.

Responding to complaints about  water shortage, Mr Rantuana said  the problem was a countrywide challenge.

He said he doubted the capacity of Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) to service the country adding that the parastatal was too profit oriented.

WUC, he said, failed to attend kgotla meetings to answer to the community.ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : MOGOBANE

Event : kgotla meeting

Date : May 15 Wed,2019


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