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Boko promises better working conditions

Leader of the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Advocate Duma Boko has promised workers better working conditions should he be elected into government.

Speaking at Labour Day commemoration in Francistown on Wednesday, Advocate Boko said his government would improve the living conditions of workers by creating descent and sustainable jobs.

He said his government committed to improve the pay structure of civil servants, saying workers in A scale would earn above P3 000 per month.

He refuted allegations that the ballooning pay structure of civil servants would collapse the economy of the country.

Advocate Boko further told workers that his government will create more jobs for Batswana, coupled with improved standards of living.

He advised workers to liberate themselves from oppressive labour laws and poverty and hinted that his government would come up with labour laws protecting the rights of workers as current labour laws were draconian to worker’s rights.  

“Say no to empty promises,” said Advocate Boko

Advocate Boko said the 2011 industrial strike ended up with a lot of workers being dismissed unfairly from their jobs.

On other issues, he said the Public Service Bargaining Council covered under the Public Service Act needed to be reviewed as it had been overtaken by events.

He said the Public Service Act was almost non-existence because the current government was undermining the Public Service Bargaining Council.

For his part, deputy leader of Alliance for Progressive (AP), Mr Wynter Mmolotsi explained that AP believed in building a true democracy as the workers were a central pillar to the economic development of any given country.

Mr Mmolotsi further said trade unions would never stop fighting for the workers’ rights unless the current regime amend labour laws and explained that the workers’ rights must be protected, adding that AP pledged more jobs for Batswana.

Mr Mmolotsi said under the AP government, workers would be paid well and ba fully engaged in decisions that affect them.

He commended public servants through their trade unions for being more vigilant and vocal on their rights.

Mr Mmolotsi said AP promised to be a government that listens to the workers as workers had a lot to offer on how their working conditions could be improved.

He said AP would also come up with labour laws aligned to international ones, adding that AP should join forces with trade unions for the current government to resuscitate the Public Service Bargaining Council.

Mr Mmolotsi commended trade unions for having taken the government to court when they felt that workers were being oppressed. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Patience Molatlhegi


Event : Labour Day commemoration

Date : May 02 Thu,2019


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